Your TexasBenefits is an official platform from the Texas state benefits program that enables you to get health care benefits. You can directly visit the portal, apply for benefits, or register your account to manage your existing benefits.


The various benefits offered by Yourtexasbenefits include Cash Assistance (TANF), SNAP food benefits, Medicare savings, Medicaid health benefits, and support services.

This official platform also enables users to create their account and login to manage their benefits. You can check your application has been submitted.

How to Sign Up For Your Texas Benefits Online Portal?

  • To sign up, click on “Apply for benefits” by visiting the official website.
  • Choose the Apply option and select the required option and click on next.
  • The various options include women’s health services, TANF cash benefits, instant grocery payments, Medicare services, etc. Choose any of the options that you prefer.
  • Click on Apply now and complete the entire registration process for easy login.

YourTexasBenefits Login

The steps for login into the YourTexasBenefits official platform are simple.

  • By using any browser, Visit Yourtexasbenefits.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on Login to access your account.

What Are The Condition To Access The Website?

The requirements to apply for and obtain the services are also simple.

  • You will need a stable internet connection.
  • You need a device, either a smartphone or a laptop
  • You must be able to speak or understand the language that the site offers.

How To Recover Your Login Password?

If the login password has been forgotten, it can be reset easily.

  • Visit the yourtexasbenefits portal.
  • Click on “Forgot your password.”
  • Enter the username, and click on next to recover or reset the password.

If you have forgotten the Login information, go to and click on I forgot my login details. You will be directed to the data recovery page. Additional information, like your name, permanent address, contact details, date of birth, etc., must be entered.

Am I Eligible For YourTexasBenefits Services?

To meet the eligibility criteria, you must be living in Texas.

If you want to register in person, look for an appropriate WIC office to fix an appointment. It will include visiting a nutritionist to know if you are eligible. WIC checks the eligibility criteria by measuring the weight, monitoring the iron levels of every member of your family, and treating any nutrition and health problems.

Advantages Of YourTexasBenefits

Such government programs contribute to the assistance of needy people who are struggling financially. The various benefits include:

  • SNAP Benefits help families purchase food and stay physically healthy
  • The TANF Cash Assistance is beneficial for families having children under the age of eighteen years to meet all their basic requirements.
  • Health includes medicines that are prescribed by dentists, doctors, and hospitals.
  • The support services help people to fight addictions and mental disorders
  • WIC Nutritional benefits help nursing mothers, pregnant women, and babies below five years to buy nutritional foods.

YourTexasBenefits Benefit program has compensation programs by the United States Department of Agriculture to assist those families in purchasing food and shopping at any retail supermarket that accepts the Texas Star Card. HISD offers free meals to children, and all HISD applicants can also take the P-EBT benefits. For further information, you are requested to visit the official website.

The SNAP also enables people to purchase quality food items to stay healthy. But, it also has some limitations, like buying tobacco, alcoholic beverages, etc. are prohibited. A Medicaid card is a permanent card that can be carried with you whenever you visit a dentist, doctor, or pharmacist. In conclusion, Your Texas Benefits programs offer various benefits to the users, which they can avail easily.

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